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Charlee Cooper would go to the ends of the ocean to keep a connection with her late husband, Bridger, but that journey meant traveling down memory lane, which she had been running from since he died. She knew her journey would end at Beach Break Campground where it all began fifteen years ago. Bridger had made her promise three things: keep surfing, complete their bucket list, and fall in love again. She knew she would only ever keep one. She could never ride the waves without him and she would never let herself love again. 


Levi Stone left his surfing career behind in search of a more fulfilling future after he got the call that his mother and little sister were in a terrible accident. Almost losing them had him reevaluating the superficial life he had been living, so he enlisted his best friend, Drew, on a soul-searching journey. When Levi arrived at Beach Break Campground, he didn’t expect to find love, but from the first moment he saw Charlee, he was drawn to her and the strange feeling that she was somehow familiar. He had to know more about her, but breaking her walls down would prove to be more difficult than he anticipated. 


Fate. Destiny. Love. Grief. Past. Present. Inside all of those words lived Charlee’s undecided future. 

*An age-gap second chance love story*

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