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I finished book 2!

Yes! Another book completed. I swear every time I sit down to write a book I wonder how in the heck I will ever finish it amid all my kids' activities AND the days where I am so far from motivated. But I did it! This will be my 7th self-published book. Holy cow! SEVEN! I try to remember what an incredible feat that is because there are days that I truly doubt everything I am doing in life.

MIDNIGHT WINTERS is book 2 in the Midnight series and will be published sometime this year (LOL!). But seriously, it will be available on all major retailers soon.

You can grab MIDNIGHT ROSE, book 1, in the series NOW on all major retailers. I pulled it from Kindle Unlimited so I could have a wide release of book 2. I imagine I will place both back in KU sometime in the future.

What will I be working on next?

Right now I am obviously working on edits for MW, but I am also diving into some nonfiction writing in between. I will be working on book 3 of the midnight series shortly and then my plan is to move on to finishing up the REIGN OF CROWNS series. If I had a chance to do it all over again I would not have started two series at the same time and I wouldn't have released until the series were completed. Rookie mistake and I won't let that happen again. So I apologize for the long delays in between projects and thank you for being patient.

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