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December 4, 2023 Newsletter

Normally, my life is pretty uneventful. Running the teenage girl to school and dance and listening to my older teenage boy yell obscenities at his computer while playing Fortnite. But for my birthday (46th) I got to spend it with Minnie and Mickey on their Fantasy cruise ship. As you can see, Minnie and I are besties and, obviously, Mickey is in love with me. The 7-night trip was a blast and it wasn't actually for my birthday, but we can pretend.

The week before the cruise we got to watch my daughter perform on Main Street at Disneyland during Christmas time and it was so magical. I'll always be a Disney girl no matter how old I get.

So it was a busy and magical November and I cherish the times I get while my kids are still in the house. I hope you all have a magically reading filled holiday and don't forget to scroll to the bottom and sign up to possibly get a surprise gift from me.

Stay tuned because I'm going to start a monthly giveaway right here in my newsletter, so make sure you open them all!!! xoxo


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What you'll love:

🩵 Second Chance

🩵 Reverse Age-gap

🩵 Sweet Romance

🩵 Soul Mates

🩵Character Driven

🩵 Emotional Journey

🩵 Tortured FMC

🩵 Love after Death

Charlee Cooper would go to the ends of the ocean to keep a connection with her late husband, Bridger, but that journey meant traveling down memory lane, which she had been running from since he died. She knew her journey would end at Beach Break Campground where it all began fifteen years ago. Bridger had made her promise three things: keep surfing, complete their bucket list, and fall in love again. She knew she would only ever keep one. She could never ride the waves without him and she would never let herself love again.

Levi Stone left his surfing career behind in search of a more fulfilling future after he got the call that his mother and little sister were in a terrible accident. Almost losing them had him reevaluating the superficial life he had been living, so he enlisted his best friend, Drew, on a soul-searching journey. When Levi arrived at Beach Break Campground, he didn’t expect to find love, but from the first moment he saw Charlee, he was drawn to her and the strange feeling that she was somehow familiar. He had to know more about her, but breaking her walls down would prove to be more difficult than he anticipated.

Fate. Destiny. Love. Grief. Past. Present. Inside all of those words lived Charlee’s undecided future.


Crazy for Christmas, A Spicy Christmas Grumpy Sunshine Romantic Comedy by Skye Turner releases Tuesday, December 5th!

“If you want a book that will have you laughing so hard wine shoots out of your nose, then swooning, then sighing at the heart… read Crazy for Christmas!” - ARC Reviewer

“Mr. Christmas,” Jaxon’s on-air persona, is no fan of Christmas in real life. In fact, he’d rather bah humbug his way to the new year.

Noelle lives and breathes the most wonderful time of the year, but this Christmas is looking dim as funds run short, which doesn’t bode well for the women and children’s shelter she runs.

When Jaxon is assigned to cover the Christmas Concert at The Blessings House, he’s less than enthused to be teamed up with Noelle to garner support for the shelter and pretend to be all forced smiles and Christmas cheer.

Will the magic of the holidays—along with the ridiculous predicaments they find themselves in—start to break through his crusty exterior? Can the help of a peculiar stranger rekindle his lost joy for the season and give them both the greatest Christmas blessing of all… love?


It began with an interview that should have been mundane, and it ended with me becoming a foster mom and falling for a man I was supposed to put behind bars—for life.

This book has it all. Scandal. Action-packed suspense. A plot twist that’ll have your jaw dropping. Protective hero vibes plus kidnapping. It’s a detective romance with light mafia/organized crime.

I believed I was one of the good ones. Incorruptible. I certainly wasn’t a member of the Dirty Blue like others in my department.

Then, I met Drago Acerbi.

And I soon realized nothing could have prepared me for the consequences of falling in love with the enemy—a dangerous criminal whom I'm supposed to lock up.

Yet, I was the one keeping our relationship a secret. Drago knew that. He also knew I had a job to do. What he didn’t know was that the baby I was protecting was his son.

At least, not until my boss discovered our forbidden love affair—and I lost everything.

My career. The man I had fallen for. The baby I’d grown to love. A life I didn’t know I wanted.

I’d soon learn I wasn’t the only one harboring a secret they wanted to keep hidden from the world. That’s when I found out exactly who Drago Acerbi really was, and it sent a chill down my spine.


By Your Side by Ashley Erin is coming December 12, 2023!

It is available for a special Pre-Order and Release Day Price of $2.99

✅ Grumpy/Sunshine ✅ Second Chance Romance ✅ Small town romance ✅ Blue collar hero

Adeline I wasn’t looking for love… but when my world collided with Owen’s, I found my second chance in a small town. Owen is a man of many talents, and few words. Little did I know the grumpy contractor would be the one to make my grieving heart beat again. I never dreamed repairing the crumbling walls of my house together would turn it into a home and become the foundation of our love story. Owen Adeline is a force of nature. Even after everything the beautiful widow has been through, her bright demeanor is like basking in the sunshine. When I agreed to help with her renovations, it seemed like the neighborly thing to do. As days turn into weeks, I find myself falling for her. Love happens when we least expect it, and I definitely wasn't planning on her. Sometimes, life's most beautiful surprises come from the heart's quietest desires.


Who is the coldest of them all? From USA Today bestselling author Gail Haris, comes a fun, steamy holiday romance with a contemporary fairytale twist. This grumpy duo will keep you entertained from the first page and have you, despite your best efforts, rooting for their happily ever after.

Hilda Queen is the woman everyone in Mistletoe Creek loves to dislike. She's effortlessly beautiful, wealthy, and has a stepdaughter close to her own age. For years she's been the topic of town gossip. She became a widow early in the marriage... conveniently. Then she fed her stepdaughter a poisoned apple... wicked.

Jax Frost plans to carve a place in the Old Man Winter family legacy. Eira White wants revenge against her stepmother, and Jax is eager to help. If he could obtain Queen Orchards, along with the land the White Estate is on, he could turn it into an Old Man Winter holiday travel resort and winter destination. That would no doubt secure his place in the family legacy.

Neither one is prepared for the other. Will the chemistry between the two be enough to thaw their cold hearts this Christmas?

Once upon a time…it’s how every good fairytale starts.

But these aren’t your childhood fairytales. This holiday season, eleven of your favorite authors are spicing up your favorite fairytales all set in the small town of Mistletoe Creek, Tennessee. Grab your cocoa and meet your Prince Charming because happily ever after has a whole new meaning…



As Mickey would say, SEE YA REAL SOON!

❤️ Dani

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