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The Arie Chronicles: Book 1


Sixteen year old Arie Belle never imagined she would be anything but ordinary, and most certainly not a princess. She lived a simple life with her mom, next door to her best friend, River, in a rural area just outside of Los Angeles. She had everything she could ever want until it was suddenly ripped away from her. Her mother’s mysterious death plunged Arie into darkness and into the care of River’s parents. As hard as they tried to help her, Arie couldn’t find the light.

After years of emotional numbness, a mysterious stranger, Ashe, entered her life, giving her a renewed hope. What she didn’t expect was for the veils of reality to be lifted and fairy tales to come alive. On her quest for the truth of her mother's death, she finds so much more: her father, her first love, and her destiny.


The Arie Chronicles: Book 2

Arie’s eighteenth birthday had come with many surprises, including a little sister, Amary, whom she would do anything to protect. Together they traveled to their new home in a fantastical world full of enchantment. Unfortunately, among the fairies, shapeshifters, and otherworldly creatures, darkness still lurked, and the natural balance of light and dark teetered on the brink of destruction.

In order to save the two worlds she loved so dearly, Arie needed to accept her destiny as the butterfly princess and lead her people into a battle against the shadows, knowing that not everyone would survive. With loved ones by her side, she would discover her strength did not come from within, but from those who believed in her most.

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